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Steps Involved in Job Hazard Analysis

Each and every worker has the right to work in a safe environment, but each year a lot of workers normally suffer from work –related injuries and illness. The OSHA is charged with the responsibility of combating workplace hazards. Being an employer, you are required by the law to take steps to make correction for each and every known hazards that is in your workplace. To assist in the identification and correction of potential hazards, you are capable of conducting a job hazard analysis. This is also at times known as a job safety analysis or hazard breakdown.
Four steps are involved in a job hazard analysis. The initial one determining the jobs that should be analyzed. To do so, you are supposed to review the near-miss, accident, and injury logs of your company. The following step will be to break down every job into a number of steps.These steps are supposed to be descriptive to the extent of fully describing the job, but they should not be so complex to the extent of having many steps listed.

Once you have made a list of steps you are then going to evaluate every step and give thought to potential hazards that may happen during every step. For instance the worker might have to bend down a number of times each day so as to collect for example a metal pipe from the floors. This is considered to be an ergonomic hazard and as time goes by it may result to a musculoskeletal disorder , like a chronic back pain. The worker may also drop by bad luck the metal pipe on top of their feet in the process of carrying it, resulting to bones that are broken or fractured as well as time off. You can visit the SafetySkills website for more information.

Once each step has been evaluated you are going to develop as well as implement controls to terminate or reduce the hazards that you have discovered. For instance you might take into consideration having the metal pipes stack on a waist-height table rather than the floor in order to cut down the number of times one has to bend and requiring each and every worker to put on steel-toed boots with the aim of avoiding foot injuries. In order to have the hazards corrected you are supposed to make use of the hierarchy of hazard controls. In conclusion it is important that job hazard analysis is carried out in all work places. For more information, click on this link:

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